PCP Car Finance Calculator

Welcome to my personal contract purchase (pcp) calculator. Recently my wife was looking to buy a new car and we wanted to compare the car finance options on offer. Whilst it was relatively easy to find a calculator online that would give us the monthly payment calculation for straight car loan finance, I could not find a pcp finance calculator that would give the monthly payment depending on the deposit put down etc.

So I decided to create one.


The Finance Calculator:

Enter details below:
1) Price:
2) Deposit:
3) Dealer Contribution:
4) Part Exchange Value:
5) Amount of the loan (any currency):
6) Final Payment/GMFV:
7) Annual percentage rate of interest:
8) Repayment period in months:

I hope you find it useful. Please remember that this a rough calculator and may differ slightly from a dealers car finance calculation.